What Makes a Custom Blend: The Meating Place

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Some of our wholesale family brew with a CMCR Custom Blend at their restaurant or cafe, we thought you might want to know a little more about how they chose their blend, and what coffee means to their business! 

- Here we caught up with Jerome Lim, chef and owner of The Meating Place.



Why did you venture into restaurant business? Can you tell me a short story about this?

As Virginia Woolf says it :"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one had not dined well." 

Personally, I have seen how the power of food can make people happy. I mean I get a lot of joy out of cooking for others :) . I ventured into the food business because I felt a strong sense of belonging and contentment whenever I cooked. And to have customers dined well in my restaurant is like filling up the soul of one to empower them to think well, love well and to sleep well. 

How important is the role of coffee into your business and into your life?

A restaurant isn't just about the food, it is a culmination of different aspects offered by the restaurant that makes it a truly fulfilling and enjoyable experience. I think the role of coffee is equally as important, whether someone likes a nice cup of coffee to start or end their meal. 

What, where or when is your unforgettable coffee experience?

- Manchester Press (Ona Coffee), - Higher Ground Melbourne (Square One Coffee),- Brothers Baba Budan (Seven Seeds Coffee). 
These coffeeshops has left a lasting memory which makes me crave for a good cup of coffee. 

What do you think about the coffee scene here in Singapore?

It's vibrant and growing. But nothing like the good coffee capitals, sometimes it's not just only about how good baristas' can make the coffee, its also about the interaction with the customers, and only when we can truly embrace that, our coffees will taste extra good. 

How and why did you choose the current blend for Meating Place?

Lucky and May were the people behind the current Meating Blend that is exclusive to Meating Place. I guess it was a matter of luck that when I told May and Lucky about the custom blend I wanted for Meating Place, they understood me and it took us only 1 tasting before we knew we wanted the Meating Blend they have crafted for us.

The Meating Place Blend has tropical acidity with a medium body and smooth finish. 

Operating Hours: 

Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm (Coffee);

11:30-2:30pm (lunch);

6:00-9:00pm (dinner)

Saturday: 6:00-9:00pm (dinner)

Sunday: Closed 

T: 8338 2918

E: info@meating-place.sg

IG: @meatingplace.sg


7 Fraser Street, #01-27 Duo Galleria, 189365 

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The Little Oasis Found in Everton Park

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The Little Oasis Found in Everton Park 

It’s hard to explain in words that feeling of familiarity when I first set foot inside Little Oasis. It was an instant state of warmth and comfort as these two cheerful ladies received me with a smile. Little Oasis is a charming little café that recently opened at the ground corner unit of Everton Park by three passionate individuals.

Located at the ground corner unit of Everton Park, the café is nestled within a noticeably heritage neighborhood with lots of tress and public housing blocks. It is possible to miss the place since it’s really small, but just like finding treasure, it’s really worth the quest. 

Ting and Kelly (two of the owners of Little Oasis) both studied architecture at NUS and shared the same dream of having their own café someday. Whilst both were focused with their career in architecture after graduation, this did not stop them in preparing to pursue their lifelong dream. They started an online bakery, Little Wooden Table where they constantly refined their bakes from the feedback they received from loyal customers. Whilst the online bakery was very well received, starting their own café still seemed a far away dream, until a close friend from overseas believed in their vision and offered to invest in their business. Two years later, Little Oasis was born.


The menu was created with an emphasis on bringing out the natural flavors and freshness of their ingredients. As quoted by Ting, “they wanted to serve wholesome and healthy food made from fresh and natural ingredients that they enjoyed making for themselves at home. They would not want to serve something they wouldn’t eat or serve to their own family and friends.” The menu is so simple yet it focuses on offering wholesome healthy food, which are all inviting! The owners recommend their signature avocado egg bagels and taco green bowl; both refreshing and delectable if you’re looking for a tasty yet clean dish. I’ve had one of their lunch items which is the seared salmon paired with cold soba, edamame seeds, some mushrooms and tomato. I’ve never thought that such simple dish can even taste so good.


For Ting and Kelly, their passion is what fuels them everyday. Back in the days when architecture was their full-time gig, they were very passionate about everything they do. There are many lessons and skills learned that came handy with their new venture. As architects, providing services and solutions is also a vital part of their everyday hustle. Now, serving customers and finding ways to create a memorable experience is never far off to what they used to do – just in different way now.

Having a good friend as a part-owner has helped Ting and Kelly not just open a café, but to realize their dreams and make them a reality. Starting from such a string foundation, I have no doubt that Little Oasis is on the right track of building a place that is genuine, humble and bound to last.

Blk 3 Everton Park, #01-79 Singapore 080003

Tues-Sun: 9am – 5pm

Closed on Mondays and very 2nd and 4th Sunday


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Cafe Review: Cafe by Day, Bar by Night

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They say you’ll never go hungry when you’re in Upper Thompson. With so many great options to choose from, this area is one of Singapore’s food and drink havens. Just when you thought you knew them all, another café has joined the line up to make your brunch choice just a little bit harder. But don’t worry, we’ve got it covered, read on for our review of the new all day dining venue offering an amazing selection of food and beverages – Birdy’s.
Birdys coffee
Located in a local neighbourhood, Birdy’s menu ranges from your good ol’ brunch menu to some hearty meals that will leave you wanting more. Not only do they offer satisfying food, but also their beverage selection is one to keep your eye on! Owners Kass and Jas, the duo behind Freehouse, have brought their a-game here with a collection of craft beers and wines sourced from all over the world. Pair this with Birdy’s head chef's beautiful menu, with his emphasis on local ingredients, and you're in for a treat. Since Jas is lactose intolerant, most of their offerings are dairy free but this doesn’t mean it’s boring! Anyone checking out this place for the first time must try the ‘Nut Butter Toast’, sourdough topped with banana, homemade cashew butter and drizzled with raw honey!  Don’t miss out the owner’s personal favourite as well – the not so average overnight oats topped with pistachios and berry compote – delicious!
Birdy's nut butter toast
It’s also very rare to see a Spirit coffee machine in Singapore and to find one on the bar here is such a delight. Jas and Kass have been regulars at Forty Hands since the beginning and so it’s no surprise they opted for a CMCR blend with intense and complex flavours of cherry and caramel notes from their coffee blend. You can also get some tips from the man behind the bar if you want to know which drink (coffee, wine or beer?) to pair with your main or sides!
Birdys Spirit coffee machine
With the ongoing trend of minimalist and an all-white design, Jas wanted to create something that uses neutral colours and whispers elegance. The use of warm tones makes it feel instantly cosy; perfect for a Sunday brunch with your girls and also a place where you can still enjoy beers with the boys!
So when you think of your next brunch or dinner destination, don't think about trekking into town anymore. Head up to Birdy’s and let them bring you quality food without the need to travel far (well if you live north at least!).
215F Upper Thomson Road, Singapore, 574349
Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 10am - 11pm
Tuesday: Closed
Friday: 10am - 12am
Saturday: 8am - 12am
Sunday: 8am - 4pm
Instagram: @birdysallday
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Cafe Review: What, Where, When and Wai

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Tucked in a small corner of the Clifford Centre, you’ll find the newly opened Wai Cafe. Owners Dayton and Kent are bucking the trend of vast cafe spaces instead opting for a tiny space right in the CBD. With Dayton’s former experience as a flight attendant and Kent’s devotion to great coffee, there’s no doubt in our mind that this place will be you next favourite hangout spot!

wai cafe common man coffee roasters blog

Like most successful entrepreneurs, Dayton and Kent started with a dream, to own a café where they can share their passion for good coffee. Kent, who still works as a lawyer, grew up in New Zealand and experienced first hand the cafe revolution that has occurred there over the last decade. On coming back to Singapore, he sought to find the perfect cup of coffee and soon became a regular at Common Man Coffee Roasters. Dayton on the other hand, was born and raised in Malaysia. After moving to Singapore, he starting his career as an airline cabin crew but has always had a passion for F&B. Dayton is in charge of the day to day running of the cafe and his calming nature paired with a bright smile and outstanding eye for service leaves us in no doubt this place will win some regular customers of it's own in no time.

wai cafe blog review common man coffee roasters

On my last visit to the cafe, I managed to sit down with Dayton and have a chat about his vision for the cafe, plans for the future and his favourite way to enjoy a brew...

M: What is your vision for Wai cafe?

D: Coffee tastes in Singapore are evolving fast and there is an emerging independent cafe culture, particularly on weekends.  We wanted to bring some of that downtown so people can make it part of their busy week.  All in a cute cafe just minutes from thousands of offices.

M: What's your plan for the next 5 years? Expansion? 

D: Our model is based on the personal touch and this means we are likely to keep it small, local and independent.  We are keen to have a distinct offering from the chains, which dominate here so there won't be franchises or 10 outlets islandwide.

M: What makes Wai cafe different from the rest of the cafes in the CBD?

D: It is one of the only independent cafes downtown.  We are exclusively committed to the best coffee - beans from our friends at Common Man, our wonderful team of local baristas and our hard working Synesso MVP, in a friendly, relaxed space we have made our own.

M: I am visiting your cafe for the first time, what should I try?
D: The good old flat white - works so well with the 22 Martin blend! 

So if you happen to be in the city, grab your favourite cuppa and pair it with a delicious fresh croissant - I'm pretty sure that this won’t be your last visit to this awesome place!

wai cafe blog cafe review common man coffee roasters

#01-08 Clifford Centre, 24 Raffles Place, 048621

Monday – Friday: 8am - 5.30pm
Closed on weekends

IG: @wai_cafe

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Discover the Dark at Ngee Ann City!

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The Dark Gallery, Ngee Ann City 

No longer content with just bringing their dark indulgences to Millenia Walk, owners Li Hui and Dashel, have opened their second outlet in Takashimaya along the Orchard Road. The new outlet is a much larger space allowing for a dedicated retail area, featuring chocolates (of course), single origin cacao, and coffee from both CMCR and some great international roasters.   

The concept stores vibrant lights and open layout make it hard to miss as you enter the basement level of Takashimaya. As the name suggests, it’s a gallery that showcases chocolates and confectionary, with luxurious ice cream in a wide array of flavours to compliment the sweet bites. The Gallery also sets out to encourage people to discover more about cacao origins and try lesser known varieties of chocolate.

The design of the café in itself is an ode to all things chocolate, from the shades of colour to the textures used in the fixtures and furniture, nothing escapes the luscious treatment. It makes for a very enjoyable environment to relax in.

Besides the sweet stuff, there’s no doubt that coffee plays a major role for Dark Gallery too. They feature CMCR Espresso as their house blend, with hints of cherry and complex flavours it pairs beautifully with the cacao.

You can also sample a their wide selection of single origins as pour over; the best way to enjoy a brew is to sit at the bar and strike a conversation with their friendly barista who will be more than happy to recommend you his favourite cup.

If all the options on display is a bit overwhelming or you’re a newbie to the game, Li Hui recommends their single origin platters. Opting for a platter allows you to choose a selection of ice creams or pastries which are then laid out enticingly on a wooden board, with origin information for each of the cacao so you learn as you eat. I tried their exclusive Chocolate Soufflé made from 66% dark chocolate with pure vanilla ice cream on the side. It was as sinful as it sounds and though it maybe a little old fashioned it was devilishly good!


Dark Gallery is a place perfect to enjoy some time with your family and of course, caters for the hardcore chocolate lover too, so head down and indulge your sweet tooth!



391 Orchard Road, #B2-29 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872

Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday



IG: @discoverthedark

W: https://thedarkgallery.com/

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