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As a specialty coffee roastery, CMCR aims to represent the unique flavours true to each and every coffee's origin.

Coffee Wholesaler

As a specialty coffee wholesaler, CMCR aims to not only deliver consistent, quality, expertly roasted and delicious beans but to act as a support pillar for our accounts.

A key factor in our operations is ensuring a responsible supply chain with careful management and long term sustainability.

We actively seek to enable the coffee growers we work with be involved in conscious partnerships designed to offer greater traceability and transparency. This sourcing ethos actively contributes to securing a reliable income source for communities in growing regions.

The team continuously seek ways to better assist and understand our wholesale partners to ensure the very best

outcome for them and coffee experience for the end consumer. This sees us offer not only a comprehensive variety of specialty coffee blends and single origins, but also artisanal teas and chocolates, espresso machines and brewing equipment, as well as wholesale Loveramics ceramic-ware, all the key components of a great café offering, along with support services such as account management, tech support and barista training services.