Championing Specialty Coffee and the Best Brunch in Asia Since 2013

From classic big breakfasts to house-made crunchy granola, wholesome veggie salads and grain bowls filled with the freshest premium ingredients, Common Man Coffee Roasters is proud to be one of the best cafes in Singapore. An unconventional and elevated breakfast and lunch menu with barista-made specialty coffee to enjoy with. 

Whether you’re seeking a moment of respite in your workday, catching up with a friend over a barista-brewed speciality coffee or simply looking for a local spot to indulge in a delectable and nourishing lunch, Common Man Coffee Roasters is here to welcome you to our cafe in Singapore for an elevated experience.

Our cafes are recognised among an international audience for world-class brunch and specialty coffee experiences.

Located in vibrant neighbourhoods across Singapore and Malaysia, our cafes are well known and recognised for serving quality, expertly prepared specialty coffee, paired with a world-class brunch experience, that is approachable, easy-to-understand and is quality driven. Our cafes are a venue for distinct consumer markets to be part of a bigger, international experience and form true connections with the coffee they drink.

We strive to create spaces that are unique and strike the balance of approachable and luxury. Our emphasis on warm hospitality and lively ambiance grounds the CMCR cafe experience. Our mix of materials, patterns, and textures reflect an elevated cafe experience that draws influence from international and local sources.

What sets your coffee cafe apart from others in Singapore?

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability, our passion for quality, freshly-plucked produce, and our determination to create memorable moments that linger after you've left our doors. Our coffee cafe is a location where quality, sustainability, and community converge. From our friendly waiters and fast service to our broad selection of nourishing meals and expertly crafted brews by our passionate baristas, our inviting ambience creates a unique space that encourages laughter, community and connections. Every sip and bite tells a story of passion, commitment and purpose, making our brunch cafe in Singapore one of the most popular destinations for a truly satisfying meal. 

Can customers book your cafe for private events or gatherings?

Though we strive to accommodate large groups of people, we do not offer the option for customers to book our cafe in Singapore for private events or gatherings, except during evening hours. If you’d like to partake in a group activity and bond over a delicious cup of coffee, you can sign up for one of our coffee academy classes. Alternatively, you can bring the freshly roasted coffee beans offered at our cafe home by signing up for our coffee subscription service.