Frequently Asked Questions

About Common Man Coffee Roasters

Who is CMCR?
Common Man Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster based in Singapore and the product of a partnership between three stakeholders - Harry Grover, Spa Esprit Group and Five Senses Coffee (Australia).

We have cafes in Singapore and Malaysia, as well a wholesale business that provides delicious specialty coffee, first class equipment and support to many other cafés in the region. Our team is dedicated to sharing their love for coffee in an approachable and enjoyable way, specialty coffee for the common man.

What is specialty coffee?
Arabica coffee is a commodity; its value is determined by a taste evaluation on a 100 point score system. The term ‘Specialty Coffee’ is a distinction of quality given to Arabica coffees worth 80 points and above. Showcasing unique, enhanced qualities in flavour as a result of refined efforts and notable attention to the growing, harvesting, and processing of Arabica coffee.

Specialty coffee represents a mutual commitment of the different parties involved. Providing incentives at various stages of the supply chain offers a positive impact to the livelihoods of producers for their efforts, as well for the product we roast and love to consume.

Where do your coffee beans come from?
Our line-up of specialty coffee is widely sourced from various coffee producing regions in the world, we strive for sustainable relationships both old and new with our coffee producers. Some of whom, we had the pleasure of sourcing from every year since we first opened our doors.

Are your products certified as ‘fair-trade’?
Our coffee isn’t certified fair-trade. Our approach to sourcing is known as direct-trade, a frequent and modern practice for specialty coffee roasters worldwide. Being ‘direct’ to the source and people producing the coffee allows for opportunities to change for the better with greater transparency.

Where is your coffee roasted?
Our roasting facility is based in Singapore. Coffee is roasted and evaluated on a weekly basis to ensure we readily offer a fresh and consistent product. From Singapore, we deliver throughout the greater Asia region.

I'm not in Singapore, can I buy your coffee?
We're always working on ways to bring our coffee to more people, if you're in Malaysia, you can shop on our dedicated MY site here.

If you are elsewhere, drop us an email at, and we'll see how we can help!

How can I stay updated?
Subscribe to our newsletter (highly recommended) to stay updated on the new brand launches every week, and follow us on Facebook or Instagram.
Where is your cafe located?
If you’re interested to pay us a visit, please see here for a list of our Cafes.

Are you hiring? 
We are always looking for talented baristas, floor & kitchen crew as well as hot new additions to our wholesale team so please get in touch at to see if we have a place for you.