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Get ready for Common Man Night Shift this 31 March

Common Man Night Shift is our after-hours session filled with good food and wine for great people.

Locally Roasted, Sustainably Sourced, Specialty Coffee

Award-Winning Brunch in Singapore & Malaysia

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The Barista Academy

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Championing Specialty Coffee SInce 2013

We bring you delicious, quality coffee, roasted with the respect it deserves.

Our Cafés, Barista Academy, Roastery and Wholesale businesses, are led by a team dedicated to championing their love for specialty coffee in an approachable and enjoyable way.


If you're interested in wholesale coffee supply, coffee making equipment or would like to explore our products and services, this is the place.

Grounds Of Wisdom

Tips for the modern coffee enthusiast.

A video and blog series by the CMCR Academy.