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How to Start Brewing At Home

Coffee is a necessary thing for most of the people. Some people just enjoy drinking it but for others this is not enough, they are interested in learning how to prepare it so they can enjoy wherever they are. However, it can be troublesome for a coffee lover to head down to a café, especially in the morning when you are getting ready for work or school, so here are my tips to start you off brewing at home with just a few simple tools. Many of my friends and customers have asked me this question, 'How can I brew a coffee at home that tastes delicious whilst not spending too much money on coffee equipment?' My answer is always the same, go buy a Clever Coffee Dripper (CCD) and a good bag of CMCR coffee! The CCD is suitable for every beginner because it doesn’t require too much technique and the cost is relatively low. All you need to have is a CCD, paper filter, a stirrer, delicious coffee and you are good to go! So a little about the CCD, firstly it brews coffee in what we call the immersion method. This method allows you to control the steeping time while brewing, resulting in a much more balanced cup compared to other brewing methods. Once you take your CCD out it’s box, you’ll notice it has a release valve at the bottom of the brewer which unlocks when pushed and allows the water to start dripping when you place it on a cup. You’ll also see it comes with lid which keeps the heat in the brewer, so you can have a lovely hot cup of coffee every time! The CCD is also lightweight and portable so you can enjoy the same great coffee at home, work or even on holidays. Here’s my recommend recipe and a list of the tools you’ll need: CCDPaper filterScale (Optional but if you want a consistent cup is worth the investment)Stirrer (a kitchen spoon will do)Boiling WaterDelicious coffee (roasted for filter and CMCR of course!) Once you have all these, here how to start brewing: Place your CCD on either your scale or worktop but do not place on your cup yet otherwise you’ll release the valve! Fold the paper filter according to the line on the side and place it nicely in the CCD. Rinse the paper filter with hot water to get rid of the papery taste and warm up the brewer. Put 15g of ground coffee into the CCD (medium coarse grind size – ask your barista for a filter grind if you don’t have your own grinder). Pour 250g of hot water into your CCD (or equivalent 1:16 ratio). Stir 5 times and put the lid on. Allow to steep for 2:15 minutes. Take off the lid and stir 5 times. Now place your CCD on your cup to release the valve and let it drip. Sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of joy! It's really that easy! This is my recommended recipe but you may find you like it slightly stronger or weaker depending on the type of coffee you have. Why not have an experiment at home to see what works for you? remember consistency is the key so having a scale and a home grinder will mean you can repeat your recipe again and again. Did you know that you can also brew cold coffee at home using a CCD? check out our blog for our method and enjoy a delicious cold brew made by you!