How it all began

Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) is a café concept and specialty coffee brand established in Singapore in 2013, with the aim of championing specialty coffee and the best brunch in Asia. 

Our cafés offer great coffees made by baristas paired with a classic yet elevated menu. Armed with our own Roastery and Barista Academy, the brand is equipped with knowledge, resources, experience and passion to support this mission of creating memorable coffee-centric experiences. 

Over the past 10 years, Common Man Coffee Roasters have focused on sourcing specialty grade green beans from trusted relationships across coffee-producing regions, and roasting them with respect in their homegrown roastery in Singapore. The brand has developed a collection of signature specialty coffee blends, each with its own character, loved and enjoyed by the discerning coffee drinkers in Singapore and beyond. 

While upping the ante in the specialty coffee scene in Singapore through products and in-cafe experiences, CMCR has also continually led the annual Aeropress Championships in Singapore, and contributed to the growing coffee landscape across the region through B2B events, talks and connections.

With the future of coffee as its core, Common Man Coffee Roasters has since created an institution of cafe culture that's unique to Asia - every space putting forth quality coffees, delicious brunch with an approachable and inimitable vibe. To date, there are  6 cafes in Singapore, 2 in Malaysia and 2 in Manila. A lifestyle destination that sits within the realms of familiar comforts, yet elevated into an everyday luxury.

  • Our vision

    To be a champion of specialty coffee and the best brunch in Asia

  • Our mission

    To impact people’s lives positively

  • Our goals

    To grow the specialty coffee culture in consumption, understanding and appreciation through leading wholesale and retail experiences.

CMCR at a glance

Your Journey Starts Here

Great coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. At Common Man, we focus on staying true to the simple things. True to you and what you love - incredible quality and flavour. True to source - people and planet. And most importantly, true to why we do this - creating coffee that’s by the people, for the people. Common Man is coffee for all.

Ethical trade

Our commitment to staying true speaks to deeper, more meaningful impact.

Our partners at Raw Material have established its core operations out of the municipality of Ermera, the largest coffee-producing of the total 13 municipalities in Timor-Leste. Widespread poverty threatens over 40% of the country's population. Raw Material's farmers are now capable of producing award-winning coffees, exporting over 90% of their output at 2x – 3x above the average nation's coffee price. We aim to gain consumer loyalty through our positive impact, creating a coffee community that people identify with and want to be a part of, with a product based on values they can connect to.

  • Ex-works financing and spot management costs (QC, warehousing logistics, etc.) 1.26
  • Import costs (logistics, insurance, port-handling, etc.) 0.96
  • RM profit (investment in community development) 0.81
  • RM costs (management, QC, harvest financing, etc.) 0.16
  • Export costs (GrainPro, sacks, logistics, port handling, etc.) 0.87
  • Dry milling costs (transport, machinery, labour, warehousing, etc.) 0.34
  • Wet mill processing costs 0.92
  • Farmer’s profit 2.25
  • Farming cost of production (land, fertiliser, labour, etc.) 0.92