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    AeroPress Clear

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A curated collection of exceptional coffee-brewing equipment for all levels of coffee enthusiasts.

Whether you like a pour-over, an espresso or a cup of aeropress coffee to start your day, discover all the coffee brewing gear and accessories to make the most out of your favourite coffee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of coffee brewing equipment do you offer?

We know that there’s no such thing as the perfect cup of coffee — only your perfect blend. There are about as many different ways to brew coffee as there are varieties of coffee beans to explore, and we offer the coffee brewing gear to nail your favourite technique, whatever it may be.

Choose from a range of high-quality filters and electric kettles for an ideal pour-over, invest in a dripper kit for a delectable brew or get into the art of the aeropress with our convenient one-cup brewing solution.

Can you guide me in choosing the right coffee brew gear for my preferences?

Of course! We’d love to help you find the right coffee brew gear to bloom your beans and create the most delicious and complex flavour profile. Get in touch with us, and we’ll point you in the right direction for creating a creamy espresso, a consistent French press brew or a warming brew that’s timed to perfection with one of our minimalist electric kettles.

What are the essential accessories needed for a complete coffee brewing setup?

Techniques to make coffee vary, but almost every method requires a controlled method of heating water to the desired temperature, a good filtration system to avoid grainy, lumpy coffee and an extraction method that will allow the true flavours of your roast to shine through while avoiding bitterness.For each of these steps, we’ve got the right coffee brew gear to get the job done.

Do you provide options for both beginners and experienced coffee enthusiasts?

We sure do. Whether you time your brewing to the millisecond and your water to the degree centigrade, or you just want a delicious cup of coffee with a minimum of fuss on a groggy morning, you’ll find a range of options to suit beginners and keen at-home baristas alike in our online store.

Are your coffee brewing accessories suitable for both home use and professional settings?

They sure are. Whether you want to experience a better quality coffee at home or you’re looking to upgrade your own cafe, we’ve got you covered. Want to upskill and turn your coffee passion into a profession? Discover the Common ManCoffee Academy classesthat will teach you the fundamentals skills for barista work and the key to understanding specialty coffee.