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Loveramics Limited Edition: Brewer Set


Serve your morning brews in style. The Limited Edition Brewer Set is a cross between the beloved 'Gunpowder' and 'Ivory' Potters Colours, consisting of 1 x 300ml Artisanal Jug and 2 x 150ml Nutty Tasting Cups.

Made of high-quality and durable ceramics, the Artisanal Jug fits on most Drippers in the world and puts your favourite coffee in the perfect limelight.

The Nutty Tasting Cup offers one of many unique tasting experiences by accentuating how we perceive heavier and fuller flavours with more focus on mouthfeel. Its bulbous shape and rounded curvature make it a great aroma collector, making use of optimal headspace and tilt angle to bring forward the chocolate, nutty, and caramel qualities in specialty coffee.

The visually captivating Brewer Set pairs naturally with the Dripper Set, bringing a touch of artful craft to your bar or kitchen top. The Limited Edition sets are here for a good time, but not a long time. Limited stocks available.