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The delicious heart of Artichoke


Dining at Artichoke is like getting invited to the cool kid’s birthday party – only with alcohol, better food and no naughty corner. Undeniably cool, Artichoke strikes the perfect balance between unapologetic nonchalance and casual welcoming hospitality, all whilst serving up some of the tastiest dishes the city has to offer.

The man responsible, chef/owner and Singapore’s answer to the cult of the celebrity chef, is Bjorn Shen. He’s the culinary maestro and anti-hero of the local restaurant scene who, somewhat infamously, encourages other inspiring young chefs to eschew traditional culinary school and get straight to work in the kitchen. This combination of enthusiasm and disregard for tradition sets Artichoke (and the other projects Shen puts his name to) apart. Artichoke breaks free from the confines of the tired formal and ‘fine dining’ experience with which the Singaporean restaurant scene is saturated, whilst still making an occasion of dining. Sharing good food in a relaxed environment with friends is the key to their phenomenal success.

Behind the blaring gangster rap and haphazard décor, the heart of Artichoke is tasty, lovingly prepared food and the kind of dishes you would whip up for friends if you just happened to have mad kitchen skills and a penchant for falafel… If you find yourself lacking these requirements and also fancy the addition of great coffee (proudly provided by CMCR), a tightly curated wine list, friendly wait staff and a fun atmosphere, then get yourself down to Artichoke ASAP.

Our recommendations:


Drink: once you’ve finished your coffee, make sure you order a glass of house-made lemonade. A brunch exclusive, it’s a standout at $4.5.
Eat: Cauliflower Sabbich. Brassica is the new black and Artichoke is definitely doing it justice. It’s a snip at $22 +. Maybe add some fries because hey, it’s the weekend and they come with garlic whip for $8!



(Share with friends recommended or eat alone if you’re very hungry.) Dinner is very much a sharing experience at Artichoke and the menu provides suggested servings for your party size.
Drink: A curated selection of premium international beer and wine is available, including Mac’s craft brew from New Zealand. If wine is what you are after, have a chat with your server and you may even be recommended something ‘off the list’.
Eat: Slow roasted lamb shoulder. This is the next level in juicy tender lamb with a crispy crust. It leaves you wanting more and all for $36. Make your mom happy and get some Brussels sprouts; unlike any you have had before, finishing these won’t be a problem $18.

These are all dishes you want to photograph, not because the food is painstakingly arranged for that perfect Instagram shot, but because it just looks so damn tasty #foodenvy

161 middle road,
sculpture square, singapore

Opening hours:
Brunch: Saturday + Sunday 11.30am - 2.45pm
Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday 6.30pm - 9.45pm
Reservations (highly) recommended: 63366949 after 3pm Tuesdays onwards.

Common Man is also excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with the offspring of Artichoke, NehNeh Pop, which will see a CMCR coffee-infused ice cream creation available for a limited time. Keep an eye on social media for more updates on this exciting collaboration.