Single Origin

Umoja, Tanzania

In South-West Tanzania, Keremba and Mkunde, a husband and wife, and co-founders of Communal Shamba, undertook an inspiring leap after a decade of living in Australia. Their mission: to uplift the farming communities in Mbeya and Songwe through sustainable practices and positive impact. Returning to their homeland, they initiated a social enterprise that bridges the gap between smallholder farmers and the world of specialty coffee roasters.

Communal Shamba, in collaboration with the farmer co-op Mkulima Kwanza, has witnessed exponential growth since its inception. More farmers across the region now entrust them with their cherries, contributing to the initiative's expansion and positive movement. Notably, this is the second time we are featuring the washed Umoja from their recently established washing station, a testament to the quality-focused farmers and the innovative Tanzanian couple behind the endeavour.

Taking Songwe coffee out of the commodity market, Communal Shamba offers farmers price premiums as high as 80% above the local market rate for cherries—an unprecedented shift for the region. These premiums serve a greater purpose, funding essential infrastructure in education and medical facilities for the rural regions where most farmers reside. Communal Shamba has actively engaged in community projects, including the rehabilitation of local schools and a comprehensive health initiative, spanning several rural clinics, raising the standard of accessible medical care.

The journey began in 2017 with a modest 1,000-kilo harvest, challenging the historical norms of commodity coffee trading in the region. Building trust and relationships with local farmers was paramount, convincing them that Communal Shamba's vision was genuine and lasting.

The subsequent year saw a remarkable leap to 30,000 kilos, signalling the continued rise in both quality and volume of the coffee.

Today, more than five harvests later, Communal Shamba has not only gained the trust of local growers but has also brought global recognition and funds to a community historically entrenched in untraceable, commercial coffee practices. This partnership fosters shared risks and tangible returns, benefiting both farmers and roasters alike. Communal Shamba is not merely a business but a community-building project committed to making a positive impact. Driven by the desire for great coffee and meaningful change, the initiative aligns business success with social responsibility. The story of Communal Shamba is a favourite of ours, one that transcends coffee and resonates with the shared aspirations of a greater community working towards a better future.

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