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Sensory: Tasting Specialty Coffee


This course is takes coffee knowledge and appreciation to the next level for a coffee enthusiasts or new barista, developing their sensory awareness and understanding. The  workshop will cover the fundamentals of olfaction and gustation (tasting) and how you can apply it to taste, perceive and interpret Specialty Coffee’s distinct characteristics, at different roast levels. You can expect to experience coffee like never before.

The class contains the following content:

  • Palette Awareness – using chemical solutions and organic acids mixed with coffee solution to emulate the basic tastes that are commonly found in Specialty Coffee
  • Olfactory Training – using Scentone Coffee Aroma kit and the Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel to build on sensory coffee vocabulary
  • Coffee Cupping – using gustatory, olfactory, tactile and visual cues to conduct coffee sensory analysis


Attendees will be able to distinguish different roast levels, identify generic aroma/flavour descriptors and different grades of Arabica Coffee.


2.5 hours


Essential Coffee Knowledge


Blk 52 Chin Swee Road, #03-71, S160052

Class Size

1 to 2 pax

Cost Per Person