Single Origin

Piendamó, Colombia

This Piendamó lot has a unique approach to coffee production, one we don’t often encounter. Unlike typical regional blends where farmers deliver their cherries to a central processing hub, each smallholder in Piendamó processes their coffee independently. This means that every grower is responsible for picking, pulping, fermenting, washing, and drying their coffee. Despite sounding like a recipe for inconsistency, the right practices and quality control add complexity and enhance quality, as each lot brings distinct attributes to the blend. The dominant varieties in this coffee are Tabi, Caturra, Colombia, and Pink Bourbon, with fermentation times ranging from 12 to 18 hours, depending on the farm's altitude and temperature.

Piendamó is a small municipality near the capital city of Cauca in southwestern Colombia, a well-recognized area for globally renowned high-end coffees. Situated on a large plateau near the Puracé volcano, Piendamó benefits from rich volcanic soil and high altitudes, which contribute to the coffee's refined acidity and flavor profile. The high altitude slows down the ripening process, allowing more time for sugar development during the coffee fruit’s maturation, enhancing the coffee's sweetness. With two rainy seasons in the year, it ensures a near-constant coffee supply from April through January. Piendamó is part of the Popayán plateau province, one of the four major coffee-growing provinces in Cauca. The region benefits from a stable climate due to its high altitude and proximity to the equator, creating a pristine environment for coffee cultivation. The small size of the coffee farms and the diversity of indigenous groups involved in coffee production add to the region's defining culture.

The region is also notable for its large indigenous population and its resistance to government actions concerning illegal crops. This community lot is cultivated by growers who have chosen to distance themselves from conflict and focus on coffee farming, prioritizing peace over income. Popayán, the capital of Cauca, situated in the Pubenza Valley, has made significant contributions to Colombian culture and politics. Piendamó is reputed to be the first coffee-producing community in Cauca and continues its cultural production. Before the Spanish arrived, the Nasas, an indigenous population, inhabited these valleys. They have preserved their culture and traditions over time and continue traditional coffee production methods. Other indigenous communities include the Paeces, Misak, and Guambianos. This coffee reflects the region's rich heritage and commitment to quality inherent to every contributing grower.

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