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Bundle: Essential Coffee Knowledge + Fundamental Barista Skills

Essential Coffee Knowledge

An excellent starter kit for home enthusiasts and new baristas who are looking to journey through the world of Specialty Coffee and embark on the Seed-to-Cup experience. You will appreciate how each step of the value chain contributes towards a consistent good cup of coffee. You will also discover how coffee is grown and processed, and the factors contributing to a coffee’s unique, diverse and complex flavour characteristics.

The class covers the following content:

  • The Coffee Cherry – detailing the differences between Arabica and Robusta species and an introduction to Specialty Coffee
  • Coffee Producing Regions – highlighting how terroir and processing methods play an important role in the flavour differences of major coffee producing countries
  • Roast Profiles – understanding how different roast levels affect flavour and aroma.
Fundamental Barista Skills

This highly informative and technical course is a must for all coffee enthusiasts aspiring to be a full-fledged barista. As a practical workshop, this class will cover everything that you need to know in preparing consistent tasting espresso and replicating the steps involved to aerate and texture a cup of silky smooth milk. Our Essential Coffee Knowledge and Fundamentals of Barista Skills make a great pair to complete your learning.

The class covers the following content:

  • Espresso Preparation Techniques – a skill-building session to develop great techniques for dosing, distributing and tamping
  • Quality Evaluation Training – adjustments to brewing parameters based on visual cues and sensory evaluation
  • Espresso Beverages – interpreting the coffee menu
  • Milk Frothing – identify ideal milk temperature, apply proper positioning and milk frothing techniques and introduction to free-pouring