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Instant Coffee Kit

Bond 250ml "Hutch" Mug

With a classical design and made with high fired, durable porcelain, the Hutch Mug adds even more taper to the look, for extra class. Available in 13 colours, including the 3 Potter colours.

Dimensions: Length 10.5cm, Width 8cm, Height 9.5cm

Drip Bags - Finca Maputo, Ecuador (6 pcs)

 A coffee with great floral notes, balanced candied citrus tones and delightful acidity, this coffee consistently delivers a remarkable experience. Situated in La Perla, in the North-West region of the Pichincha province, Finca Maputo offers a unique perspective on coffee cultivation. The farm's location, near the Colombian border, grants it a picturesque setting within the Andean growing region of Ecuador. Standing atop Finca Maputo, one is immersed in the clouds, with a distant smoking volcano adding to the majestic vista.  In this cup, we taste Floral, Candied Orange, Grapefruit.