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Essential Coffee Knowledge


An excellent starter kit for home enthusiasts and new baristas who are looking to journey through the world of Specialty Coffee and embark on the Bean-to-Cup experience. You will be exposed to what goes into crafting the perfect cup of coffee, providing a comprehensive overview of how coffee is grown and processed, and the factors to a coffee’s unique, diverse and complex flavour characteristics.

The class covers the following content:

  • The Coffee Cherry – detailing the differences between Arabica and Robusta species and an introduction to Specialty Coffee
  • Coffee Producing Regions – highlighting how terroir and processing methods play an important role in the flavour differences of major coffee producing countries
  • Roast Profiles – understanding how different roast levels affect flavour and aroma.


Attendees will understand and value Specialty Coffee as a quality-focused product, and will be able to distinguish Specialty Coffee from Commodity Coffee.


1.5 hours




Blk 52 Chin Swee Road, #03-71, S160052

Class Size

 1 to 8 pax

Cost Per Person