Regional Coffees 

Our Regional Coffees represent what we believe to be great expressions of the qualities and flavours associated with the Single Origin Coffee's local growing environment, the processing methods used and the commitment to quality of our producing partners.

Regional Coffee, $7.50

Nova, Rwanda

Nova Coffee, founded in 2015 by the visionary wife and husband duo, Agnes Mukamushinja and Felix Hitayezu, embodies the principle of becoming the change one wishes to see. Agnes, a seasoned coffee agronomist and mobilizer, witnessed the devastation wrought upon her village's coffee trees during the Rwandan genocide. In this cup, we taste Roselle, Plum, Blackberry.

Regional Coffee, $7.50

MT Argopuro, Indonesia

This coffee originates from a social non-profit cooperative initiated by the villagers situated on the slopes of Mt. Argopuro in East Java. Their aim is to enhance the well-being of the community through agriculture, and they have produced exceptional coffees from the region. In this cup, we taste Dark Chocolate, Chamomile, Green Papaya.

UnCommon Coffees

Our UnCommon Coffees take things a step further, exploring unique varietals, experimental processing methods and high scoring micro-lot coffees with the aim of introducing new ways of experiencing coffee and satisfying the adventurous among us.

UnCommon Coffee, $8.50

Finagro AA, Tanzania

The coffee undergoes a one-day fermentation in black, non-permeable plastic bags, followed by pulping and 48 hours of dry fermentation in open tiled tanks, reaching a pH of 4.1. After washing, it is shade-dried for 3 days, followed by intermittent sun and shade drying for 7-10 days until it reaches 11% moisture content. In this cup, we taste Nectarine, Stonefruits, Rock Candy.

UnCommon Coffee, $8.50

Ngoma, Kenya

Located in Namwela on the southern slopes of Mount Elgon near the Kenya-Uganda border, the Kutere factory processes Ngoma coffee through a traditional approach. The co-operative members will harvest their ripe cherries and transport them to Kutere for depulping, followed by a fermentation and washing cycle in their parchment form before sun-drying on raised beds. In this cup, we taste Lemon Sherbet, BlackBerry, Honey.

UnCommon Coffee, $10

Campo Hermoso Gesha, Colombia

The Colombian coffee landscape has experienced a surge in innovation in recent years, as producers push the boundaries in coffee processing, and local policies adapt to the growing demand for such coffees. Edwin Noreña is a key player in this ongoing movement within the specialty coffee industry, characterized by experimental and science-driven processing. In this cup, we taste Lime Sorbet, Cherry Glace, Orange Blossom.