Trees for Kibira

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At CMCR, we know building lasting and meaningful relationships with our green bean suppliers translates into traceability and an enrichment of the communities where our coffee comes from.

With this in mind, we have partnered with the Long Miles Coffee Project and Five Senses Coffee to create an exciting new project which will directly impact the farmers and producers we work with in Burundi. 

Long Miles Coffee Project will be working along side the international NGO Arbor Day Foundation to embark upon a reforestation project to extend the native species of the rainforest. By establishing new green belts which wrap around and through the coffee producing communities of Kayanza; the project will simultaneously build soil health and bolster the microclimates against the predicted temperature change the region will see in future years.

By supporting this project we are aiming to invest not only in great coffee but good people too.

Why Burundi?

Over the past five years we have been impressed by not only the quality of the coffee coming out of the Long Miles Coffee Project but also by the greater impact the team is having on the ground.

Building on their 'Coffee Scouts' programme we will be embarking on a new project named, Trees for Kibira.

The Project:

Trees for Kibira is a reforestation project with the aim of planting 15,000 seedling trees in Burundi's Kibira Forest. This will renew life to the region, and with the support of a Forest Scouts programme, empower the community with the skills to care for Kibira for generations to come.

Forest Scouts

An extension of the coffee Coffee Scouts project, this programme aims to train unemployed youths in basic agronomy and data recording skills. The scouts act as leaders and mobilisers in their local communities, protecting, preserving and expand the indigenous Kibira Forest.

trees for kibira common man coffee roasters

"We, the bordering communities, our families and in fact the whole of Burundi depend upon microclimates created by the forest to enhance and create a long term survivable environment to live in and grow our crops."

Ben Carlson, Long Miles Coffee Project

trees for kibira common man coffee roasters five senses long miles coffee project