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We are very proud to be working with Synesso as a recognised distributor here in Singapore and Malaysia. The Synesso team has been at the forefront of espresso machine quality and innovation for over a decade and continues to produce superior machines that maintain incredible consistency whilst allowing the barista unmatched control over their brew.

Now with the MVP (Manual Volumetric Program), Synesso's newest model is designed to deliver a smooth shift through manual and volumetric settings with a universal group design, allowing baristas to easily customise brewing extractions.

Since their first espresso machine was built in 2004, the engineers and craftspeople of the Synesso team have continued to evolve and redefine the expectations of what an espresso machine can consistently deliver.

With an appetite for constant improvement, Synesso look to consistently deliver tools for the barista to keep pace with the relentless advances in specialty coffee.

For more information on the Synesso range, including pricing and support services, make sure to get in contact with us here.