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Just a taste of what we have in store for Standard Chartered


Our Coffee

New Coffees

We have specifically developed a  delicious Custom Blend for Standard Chartered, using some of our longest standing and most sustainable sourcing relationships, as well as curating a seasonal Single Origin programme that will change throughout the year, providing new experiences for those looking for adventure.

Like Standard Chartered, we support our business with a concerted effort to reduce our impact on the environment, and ensure an equitable share of value across our supply chain. This is achieved through partnerships with the likes of A1 Environment, who will be picking up used coffee grounds for composting, or SanCoffee Brazil, a collection of 20 coffee estates that are now B'Corp Certified and Rain Forrest Alliance Certified, providing us with coffee of exceptional quality and the confidence that we are having a positive effect on the communities they support. 

Trees for Kibira is an initiative borne out of a desire in the CMCR team to have real, tangible effect within the communities we source our coffee from, tackling the deforestation and resulting soil erosion that has the potential of causing long-term, critical effects on the agricultural industry of Burundi (40% its GDP) and the families that rely on it. 

To date, we have raised over USD$30,000 and, along with our partners, we have funded the recruitment of a team of full-time Agronomists to manage the planting programme and to nurture the seedlings as they grow.

With the help of Standard Chartered, through the enjoyment of the Burundi coffees and supporting engagement activities, we hope to continue to develop the Kibira forrest and ensure the long-term viability of the communities that depend on it.

Team Engagement

To compliment our coffee, we are very excited to provide an extensively designed engagement programme, drawing from our unique position in direct contact with our producers, and the experience that over 7 years of operating at the highest levels of coffee brings us.

Working with the relevant Standard Chartered teams, we will create a schedule of engagement activities, including creating a specific "Coffee Club" to bring those coffee enthusiasts together, with unique content and outreach, as well as offering specific group activities, leveraging our in-house CMCR Barista Academy facility.  

The Eversys Super-Automatic

In Eversys, the world’s leading automatic espresso machine maker, CMCR will be provide market-leading espresso beverages, whilst leaning on the consistency and ease of use that cutting-edge technology provides.

In addition to the quality of the final product, the flexibility of the Eversys platform also allows us to create a custom, contact-less ordering system, removing the need to touch the the machine to enjoy that morning cup of coffee.