A Message From the Organisers

The Singapore AeroPress Championship 2023 has come to a close, leaving behind an unforgettable atmosphere of excitement, community, and the celebration of all things coffee. 

This much-anticipated event embraced the spirit of inclusivity, attracting coffee enthusiasts from all walks of life. Let's delve into the key moments of this gathering, discover the winning recipe of Alois, and extend our heartfelt wishes as he prepares to represent Singapore at the World AeroPress Championship in Melbourne.

The recently concluded Singapore AeroPress Championship was an event that brought together the coffee-loving community in an fun environment as Prodigal Coffee and Kurasu Singapore entertained guests as they took over the bars, showcasing their unique roast profile with the AeroPress and as the night settles, Shake Coffee turned up with a unique lineup of coffee cocktails as the tournament-style competition witnessed 36 participants battling it out to be crowned the best 'press'er in the country.

The Winning Recipe

Amidst the intense competition, Alois emerged as the victor, his winning recipe stole the hearts of our judges, securing him the prestigious title of the 2023 Singapore AeroPress Champion. Let's take a closer look at the recipe that set him apart:

Dose: 18g
Ratio: 1:8
Temperature: 88 - 90°C
Grind: 23 - 25 click (C40)
Water: AquaCode 70ppm

Step 1 @ 0:00:
Begin by pouring 120g of water into the AeroPress, ensuring thorough saturation of the coffee grounds.

Step 2:
Stir the mixture back and forth 30 times, allowing the flavors to intermingle and develop.

Step 3 @ 0:45:
Push the AeroPress plunger to the brim and tightly close the cap, creating a seal for optimal extraction.

Step 4 @ 1:00:
Invert the AeroPress, turning it upside down, allowing the grounds to settle.

Step 5 @ 1:30:
Initiate the pressing stage, applying gentle pressure for 30 seconds to extract the concentrated brew.

Step 6 @ 2:00:
At the two-minute mark, finish the brewing process. The yield will be approximately 94-100g of rich, concentrated coffee. Dilute this elixir to a final volume of 155g for the perfect balance of flavors.

Singapore Edition

Beyond the captivating competition, the event was a sensory delight. Attendees had the opportunity to witness the latest home brewing equipment in action at the La Marzocco booth, where the Linea Micra and the Fellow Opus took center stage, on the other side Oatly's debut of their Tea Master's series delighted the audience with their specially curated drink, “not-beer”.

Vibes and fun were immaculate throughout the evening as DJ Devin work his magic on the deck, ensures spectators immerse themselves in the energy of the event, as the night pulsated with excitement throughout the tournament with the wildcard element in the semis and exclusive merch.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the panel of judges, Deborah (Nylon Coffee Roasters), Sarah (The Community Coffee), Junior (Rookie's Coffee Shop), Nas (Dutch Colony Coffee Co.), and Ivan (Old Hen Coffee Bar), for their expertise and dedication in selecting the deserving champion.

We also express our gratitude to the event's fantastic sponsors – Cofinet, Kurasu Singapore, La Marzocco, Oatly, Percolate Coffee & Goods, and Prodigal Roasters– for their invaluable support in making this event a success!

And for all the industry friends for being supportive and for making this event the best one possible! 

About the World AeroPress Championship

The World AeroPress Championship is a global coffee-making competition, designed to find the world’s best cup of AeroPress coffee.

Since its inception in 2008, the championship has become a global community and phenomenon. Each season comprises a series of regional and national competitions, run by independent hosts across 60 countries, which culminate with the World AeroPress Championship final.

This year's World AeroPress Championships will be held in Melbourne, Australia.

As Alois, the 2023 Singapore AeroPress Champion, prepares to represent our nation at the upcoming World AeroPress Championship in Melbourne, we send our warmest wishes and unwavering support.

The WAC Rules

We're not particularly fond of lengthy rules and regulations — This championship is simple where brewers go head to head in an elimination style tournament in 3s with their trusty AeroPressie to make the best of a mystery coffee!

The best cup will progress to the next round - and just like that, you’re one step close to winning!

A Big Thank You to Everyone

The Singapore AeroPress Championship 2023 transcended the boundaries of a mere coffee competition, emerging as a celebration of community, craftsmanship, and the shared love for the perfect cup of coffee. Let the memories of this remarkable event inspire us to further explore the possibilities of our beloved beverage and continue fostering a vibrant coffee culture in Singapore.

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors: