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With uncommon brews extending through the night, stay on with us for an after-dark extension of the CMCR philosophy starting 31 March 2023.

In celebration of our 10th year, we’re showcasing what an evening experience means to us, under our guiding culinary values - diverse, exquisite, and nourishing.

Our Food

An Ensemble of Elegant and Unexpected Dishes

In the same vein of how we bring forth great coffee experiences and nourishing brunch with intention, the dinner menu reflects a similar philosophy through sourcing for the right ingredients and winemakers. Crafted with inspiration from across the globe, the dishes are made with a Japanese flair and dotted with flavours reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Think sharing plates, mains and sourdough pizzas for a discerning crew.

Our Natural Wines

Exceptionally Curated and Joyfully Served

From the funkiest Organic Wines to the crispiest Pet Nats, we're not short of a good bottle of natural wine as we are proud servers of Drunken Farmer's curations.

Our exceptional list of natural wines follows our ethical sourcing philosophy just like with our coffee beans. We choose wine farmers who should be celebrated for their transparency, whom also fall firmly into the "nothing added, nothing taken away" camp.

Exceptionally curated and joyfully served, there's plenty to rouse your palate with the low-intervention approach to vinification.

Clock in with us from 31 March

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