Single Origin

São Paulo, Brazil

Fazenda São Paulo is situated in Campo das Vertentes, located in Minas Gerais, about 200km south of Belo Horizonte. This lush, vast estate is owned by José Carlos Cepera, a producing partner part of the Sancoffee group. Campo das Vertentes translates to "watershed fields", naming the region that's fortunately located in the middle of two vital water basins in Brazil. 

Agriculture was established very early on in this region due to fertile soils and access to abundant water. Coffee trees adapted perfectly and have been growing in this area as early as 1860. The people of Campo das Vertentes hold close to their hearts a rich coffee tradition in this unique landscape and microclimate. 

Our partners at Sancoffee are a collective of growers in this region, focused on empowering the growing community. Encouraging and promoting the production of higher quality coffee that are products of environmentally responsible and meticulous practices. Sancoffee believes in long term relationships and positive impact, laying the groundwork for a sustainable future for growing communities.

Fazenda São Paulo started its history at the beginning of the 1980s, with innovation across various agricultural sectors. Coffee cultivation started small, but with a lot of dedication and passion, it has grown over time and now takes up an extension of more than 800 hectares, making it one of the most prominent activities of the group nowadays.

Fazenda São Paulo has been long committed to coffee quality. They combine agronomic expertise acquired in different fields with professional management and technology. As a result, this farm has achieved multiple prizes, including a Cup of Excellence auction lot in the 2015 naturals competition. Furthermore, production takes place under the highest standards. Fazenda São Paulo is UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified.

"Years ago, I bought Fazenda São Paulo as a form of investment in agriculture. Today I feel enormous satisfaction in providing work for hundreds of families, bringing development to their lives and to the region." - José Carlos Cepera

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