• Black Friday Bundles

    Black Friday Bundles
  • Bond Series

  • Brew Gear, Accessories & Teas

    A curated collection of exceptional coffee-brewing equipment for all levels of coffee enthusiasts.

    Brew Gear, Accessories & Teas
  • Brewers Series

  • CMCR Coffee Subscriptions

    Great Brews, On Repeat. Let us do the hard work for you, to ensure you never run out of freshly roasted, delicious, specialty coffee again. Have a question about how

    CMCR Coffee Subscriptions
  • CMCR X Ripple Root

    We've collaborated with local artist duo Ripple Root, on a series of customised MiiR products, which we think encapsulates the "ecosystem" of Great Coffee and Good People, celebrating the relationship between man and nature and

    CMCR X Ripple Root
  • Coffee Academy

    We’re very proud to have a dedicated CMCR Academy in Singapore where we provide holistic training programs to support our wholesale partners as well as interested members of the public.

    Coffee Academy
  • Coffee Cups/Mugs

    Breaking the proverbial mould on pottery, Loveramics shatter stereotypes on classic and formal approaches, through contemporary designs, with passion evident in every piece.

    Coffee Cups/Mugs
  • Common Curios

    A range of items we made because we wanted them, but then decided they were too good not to share. You're welcome.

    Common Curios
  • Dale Harris

  • Egg Series

  • Fellow

  • Filter Coffee

    Explore our collection of single-origin filter roasts, thoughtfully roasted for use with pour-over, Aeropress, French press, and drip coffee machines.

    Filter Coffee
  • Gift Ideas

    Gift Ideas
  • Limited Edition

    With limited sets available for purchase worldwide, the Loveramics Limited Edition Collection, inclusive of a Dripper Set and Brewer Set, is designed to elevate the personal coffee brewing experience, bringing to

    Limited Edition
  • Miir Products

    Design forward. Generosity driven. Every MiiR product is designed in-house and emphasizes four design principles: minimal, sustainable, functional and enduring. Every MiiR product sold helps fund trackable giving projects at the intersection

    Miir Products
  • Nomad Series

  • Our Coffee

    We bring you delicious, quality coffee, roasted with the respect it deserves.

    Our Coffee