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Wogi, Ethiopia


Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Stone Fruit and Pomelo


Gedeo, Yirgacheffe


Small Holders


1850 - 2200 MASL


Mixed Heirloom



We are no strangers to Ethiopian coffees, and it's likely you aren't, too. If you haven't tried it, you've heard something of it. In the early days of specialty coffee rising through South East Asia, Ethiopia - and Yirgacheffe specifically - was a name that universally embodied exciting and vibrant flavours. Since we started, we have always had Ethiopian coffees in our coffee lineup that we felt excited to roast and share, and Wogi is no different.

Wogi is a collective coffee from the Gedeo zone in southwest Ethiopia, produced by the Gedeo people. This zone reaps the benefit of a fertile landscape sitting on the highlands plateau of the country's eastern slopes, with the town of Yirgacheffe nestled within. Gedeo shares borders with the Sidama and Oromia regions, and the entire area is home to approximately 25,000 farmers and growers. Gedeo's distinct environment and delicious coffees have furthered the local culture and desire around specialty coffee, with mills competing to secure the best coffee lots of the area with flavours that can't be found elsewhere.

In recent inter-tribal disputes and conflicts, local property, infrastructure, and processing mills vital to coffee growers were severely damaged due to fires and vandalism. On top of that, extreme weather and an unforeseeable spread of frost had destroyed thousands of hectares of coffee land. While the area is recognised for its impeccable history in washed coffees, these tragic developments have the Gedeo people pushing forward and adapting to natural coffees as processing mills and infrastructure are still being repaired and rebuilt.

This coffee is a true example of the Gedeo's people's will to grow out of conflict, restore livelihoods, and continue the journey for spectacular coffee in the region. As with most floral and fruity Ethiopian coffees, the natural processed Wogi is a superbly clean and complex coffee with easy acidity, a rich and filling sweetness, and complex flavours of blueberry and pomelo.