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UnCommon Taster Box - Colombia

We are taking pre-orders for this extra special limited edition taster box containing three 100g boxes of:

Luis Anibal's Geisha
Orange, black tea and vanilla with accentuated floral notes, particularly jasmine flower

Finca Monte Verde's Wush Wush
Red grape, dried prunes and brown sugar sweetness with a silky mouth-feel

Rutber Quisabony's Pink Bourbon
Complex and layered with flavours of grape bubblegum, honey and plums

All hailing from Colombia which boasts an incredible diverse terroir and innovative farmers who have taken it upon themselves to cultivate numerous varieties as well as dabbling in processing experiments. We have managed to secure small lots of some of the more unique coffees of this new landscape and we’re super excited to share this ultra-limited release with you.

Part of our UnCommon range, a carefully curated selection of small batch and microlot coffees which showcase methods and skills to nurture awesome tasting coffee.

We will be roasting this coffee on Monday 22nd May for delivery from 23rd May (Singapore only).