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Singapore - Skills for the Home Barista

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Prerequisites - None
Duration - 3 Hours

Maybe you’ve just invested in a new espresso machine for your home, or you’ve got a hankering to jump on top of the line equipment and produce the finest espresso known to man. Either way, if you want to learn the true craft of espresso from the best of the best, this is the class for you! 

In this class, we’ll set you up with the same knowledge and systems utilised by Singapore and Australia’s best cafes, all so you can learn how to produce amazing, next level coffee at home.

In this class you’ll explore:

  • Best practice espresso preparation – dosing, distribution, tamping and technical know-how
  • Milk preparation – milk steaming and pouring technique for great beverages at home
  • Standard Espresso menu – we’ll teach you the range of beverages on an espresso menu and practice making them.