Samambaia Pilha, Brazil- Filter Roast

Samambaia Pilha, Brazil- Filter Roast

When any origin and, in this case, one producer, is the source of such a large percentage of the coffee being handled by a specialty roaster, relationships are of the utmost importance. Fortunately, we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy an excellent 8-year long relationship with our partners at Samambaia Estate in Brazil. As the largest producer in the world, Brazil is the cornerstone for many specialty roasters. The scale of production and resources available to these sophisticated agri-businesses allow exciting experiments to occur with much lower risk and more insight.

The English translation for Pilha is "Pile", referencing how this delicious coffee has been naturally processed. Rather than being spread thinly, the cherries are heaped in to small mounds which increases heat and in turn, fermentation, resulting in enhanced fruit flavours developing. 

Given the results of this experiment, the team at Samambaia will use the methodology to upscale their production and expend the use of these learned processing techniques to further test the process on other varieties they grow.


Delicate Florals, with Hints of Ripe Cherry & a Chocolatey Finish


Country Brazil
Producer Samambaia Estate
Altitude 1700 masl
Processing Natural "In a Pile"
Drying Sun Dried