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Samambaia, Brazil


Tasting Notes: Toffee, Walnut and Brown Sugar 




Henrique Dias Cambraia


1110 MASL


Yellow Topazio



We have a long history with Fazenda Samambaia. As one of the core members of Santo Antonia Estate we have been visiting this farm for over 6 years. It is both gorgeously kept and historic. Owned by Cambraias's since the 19th century, it's executive operator is now Henriqu Cambraia.

Although, Samambaia has numerous varietals planted, the Yellow Tapazio this year was a must have. It absolutely shined on the cupping table as it was quite sweet and possessed a luscious, creamy body. The Yellow Tapazio Varietal was developed in Brazil at Agronomic Institute of Campinas. It is a cross of the Mundo Novo and Red Catuai and then backcrossed with the Catuai again.