Rafael Vinhal, Brazil

Established in 1988, Vinhal Farm has been producing coffees of superior quality in the heart of Minas Gerais state in Brazil, in the Cerrado Mineiro region, a high-plain savannah with well-defined climatic seasons, ideal temperature and altitude, sharing a home with many other top-notch coffee producers.  
Vinhal Farm is a business run by a family, backed by a team on the farm highly passionate about coffee, over two properties – the Recanto Farm, and Estrela Farm. Both properties have two international certifications: the Rainforest Alliance, headquartered in the USA, and the 4C Common Code of the Coffee Community, from Germany; as well as a national certification: Certifica Minas, ran by the Minas Gerais state.  
Achievement and maintenance of these certifications require compliance with a series of standards that relate to issues such as environmental conservation and sustainable production, good social practices and working conditions, efficient management and control system for the entire production chain, and full compliance with current legislation; these are validated by periodic audits on the farms to ensure fulfilment of more than a hundred evaluation criteria. 
Aside from sustainability, quality is another main focus for the Vinhal Farm, and through great care and relying on innovative craft production, have produced coffees that stand out both domestically and internationally for their distinctive aromas and flavours. The Vinhal Farm also prides themselves on the numerous awards won in some of the main quality contests in Brazil, a testament to their consistent improvement and best practices over the decades.  We are excited to share the fruit of their labour, and one can expect a complex and intriguing cup profile, with notes of rose syrup, coconut, and stewed fruit; a tantalizing flavour experience that is sure to challenge one’s impression of conventional tasting notes of a coffee from Brazil. 
Brew Guides

We've put together our go-to guides for the most popular brewing methods, these are by no means set in stone, nor can we promise a perfect result each and every time. What we can do however is provide you with a great foundation for a good brew, and allow for a bit of wiggle room and your own experimentation.