Luito Geisha, Panama

Luito Geisha, Panama

There is so much going on in this cup from the Luito farm! The newest stretch of coffee planting owned by the Lamastus Family Estates, most of the land is perched well above 1700masl along the north side of the Baru volcano.

Nestled in this rich landscape and tended by experienced hands, the result from the Geisha coffee trees planted there is nothing short of stunning. An exemplary representative of a washed process approach to this distinguished variety.

Note: The Lamastus collection is available as whole bean and filter roast only. Anything else would be a crime!



Candied Lime and Black Tea, with a deep complexity and threads of Jasmine and Vanilla


Country Panama
Producer Wilford Lamastus
Altitude 1750 masl
Processing Fully Washed
Drying Sun Dried