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Lucero Anayeli, Peru

Peru shines in South America's specialty coffee industry with over 10 major growing regions all within proximity to the Andes mountains, yet each delivers unique cup profiles distinct to their terroir. This featured lot originates from Jaen in the Cajamarca region, a bustling Northern town near the Ecuador border where some of Peru’s most exciting coffees thrive.

Cajamarca earned its reputation as one of Peru’s finest growing regions with a coffee lot winning 1st place at the first-ever Peruvian Cup of Excellence in 2017. In fact, 11 out of 19 winning submissions that year were from the same region.

El Diamante, one of the closest coffee-producing areas to Jaen, has a significant cooperative presence, especially in the lower elevations. The area's protected forests are home to diverse flora and fauna, while water sources are abundant and biodiversity contributes to the richness and health of the soils. The coffees from this region are distinct with heavily fruited cups and pronounced acidity.

Our partners at Falcon Coffees established a warehouse and quality control lab in Jaen in 2018. Here, farmers can have their parchment coffee analysed for quality and for some, even taste their coffees for the first time. They receive cup scores and offer prices immediately, which they may accept or refuse. Through their facilities, they continue to make remarkable coffees accessible to the international market year after year.

This particular lot is named after its producer, Lucero Anayeli Torres, the wife of Elvis Reinerio Tineo Rafael, a second-generation producer and landowner. The whole family works together on the 3-hectare land that grows Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai varieties between 1600 to 1900 MASL. Lucero's coffee reflects their expertise and commitment to quality, a product full of immaculate flavours that we’re proud to roast and serve.

Elvis's dedication to quality is evident through his investment in improved picking and experimentation in pre-fermentation and fermentation. Competing in the Cup of Excellence for two consecutive years – 7th in 2018 and Top 30 in 2019 – is what drives his pursuit to expand his coffee's potential. “We have a competition here in Peru between the north and the south to see who takes the first position in the CoE" – says Elvis, confident with his latest innovations that he has a shot at another trophy this year.

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