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La Mula, Colombia


Tasting Notes: Baking Spices, Chocolate, Starfruit




Small Holders


1600 - 2100 MASL


Caturra, Castillo, Typica



The Huila growing region lies within the Magdalena Valley, bordered by the east and central ranges of the Andes, with over 155,000 hectares in Huila alone accounting for 18% of Colombia's coffee production. This specific regional Colombian coffee is a blend of day lots from about 200 producers. Most producers own between 1 to 2.5 hectares of coffee growing land, annually producing close to 30 bags (70kgs per bag) each. Although this is considered a small production, the majority of farms have their own washing station on their property. And if they don't, their neighbour surely will. The accessibility and traditional methods guarantee a small-scale, quality-focused approach is maintained.

Huila fosters a culture that treasures environmentally conscious practices, with even a department-wide strategy - Plan Huila 2050 - to safeguard the bounties of the natural environment and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The plan aims to improve sustainability for coffee-growing communities with proactive preservation of the native surrounding forests and water resources while implementing infrastructures for efficient transport and waste management solutions.

Access to an array of Arabica varieties and microclimate diversity creates wonderfully complex coffees that require close attention and expertise. Throughout the year, Huila producers hand-pick with multiple passes at harvest and control varying fermentation and drying times to produce the sweetest coffees with a delicate, vibrant character and good structure. Responding to the season's maturation rates and environmental conditions takes agrological understanding and relentless hard work, requiring precision and lifelong passion to deliver the peak of quality to their local mill. La Mula is a collection of fastidiously harvested and washed processed lots from Huila small farms, prepared to an Excelso grade, the highest grade recognised in Colombian coffee export assessment.