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La Florencia, Nicaragua

La Florencia Milll is located in the northern part of Nicaragua, specifically in the city of Ocotal, Nueve Segovia. The climate and altitude range here (1000 to 16000 meters above sea level) creates the perfect conditions to produce one of the best quality coffees of Nicaragua. It's production is 100% arabica and there mill has been able to identify farms using environmentally sound practices that grow maragogypes, typical, bourbons, java, catturas, catuais and other exotic varietals; which they process fully washed, honeyed and naturally.

Small producers personally deliver their coffees directly to the La Florencia mill. The coffees bought come from 6 different sub regions in the area, which are Dipilto, Jalapa, San Juan, Pueblo Nuevo, Las Sabanas and Estelí. The parchment is received “oreado” (semi dry, 40% humidity on the parchment) and is then weighed, dried and stored, and classified by sub-region and altitude with the necessary traceability to know which farmer produces it. Once rested, preparation for export commences.

Every lot received is cupped in La Florencia’s laboratory. These lots are analysed each day and sorted based on their quality standard. Each lot received in the mill has full transparency documentation enabling them to identify the quality standard of each farmer for future purchases.

Quality in Nicaragua is obtained from the producer; they are the ones in charge of harvesting and picking the correct cherries and processing them at the micro mills located on their farms. Once processed and received, La Florencia is in charge of drying the coffee and preserving its quality throughout the chain by providing customers service, consistency and transparency lot by lot.

La Florencia also takes the time to visit the growers and explain to them how they want the coffee to be processed, while teaching their personalised classification system. The classification system strives for greater levels of quality, so they introduced a more stringent sorting process in order to secure only the ripest cherries — “first” (ripe cherries), “second” (semi-ripe cherries) and “third” (unripe cherries). This unique collaboration with the producers guarantees superb quality coffees.


Dried fruit & honeycomb sweetness, weighty body with a smooth syrupy finish


Country Ocotal, Nicaragua
Nueva Segovia
Altitude 1400 masl
Variety Typica & Bourbon strains