Hot Deal!!! Fundamental Barista Skills + Latte Art Techniques

Hot Deal!!! Fundamental Barista Skills + Latte Art Techniques

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Fundamental Barista Skills 

This is the starting course for the majority of learners, regardless of their skill level, however, it is by no means a basic coffee course. In this workshop you will cover some meaty content as well as a building your practical skills in the hands on activities, making it perfect for new baristas, home enthusiasts or experienced baristas looking to develop their theory or keep up-to-date with detailed industry information.

This class covers the following content:

  • Coffee knowledge - comprehensive overview of how coffee is grown, processed and traded
  • Espresso preparation techniques – a skill building session to develop great techniques for dosing, distributing and tamping
  • Quality evaluation training – using a standard dose, we will correlate the visual appearance of an espresso extraction with the resulting tastes
  • Extraction theory – what compounds are extracting, when and why
  • Brew parameter adjustments – dose and grind; how, when and why to adjust
  • Espresso recipes – how to measure dose weights, beverage weights and extraction time to make grind adjustments and achieve optimum taste results
  • Milk steaming and pouring – a short, 45 minute introduction to these concepts
  • Cleaning and maintenance – how and what to clean on your espresso machine and grinder to achieve consistent results.

Latte Art Techniques 

For experienced baristas who can already produce reasonably good milk, or those who have completed Fundamental Barista Skills, we have the following course. In it, we work exclusively on free-pouring latte art including hearts, rosettas and tulips:

This class contains the following content:

  • Milk focused – three solid hours of just steaming, pouring and comparing milk to develop the skills required to produce great milk repeatedly
  • Pour analysis – we will record and then analyse your pouring method to demonstrate areas of improvement
  • Multiple patterns –  including free poured, layered love hearts, tulips and rosettas
  • Pour presentation – guidance in achieving attractive and consistent coffees, with a focus on contrast over complexity
    Recommended Experience None
    Duration 6 hours 
    Block 52 Chin Swee Road, #03-71, Singapore 169875