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Singapore - Fundamental Barista Skills

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Prerequisites - None
Duration - 3 Hours

This is the starting course for the majority of learners, regardless of their skill level. It is by no means a basic coffee course and covers some thorough content and practical skill building sessions (which are perfect for a new barista or any home enthusiast) along with enough solid theory and up-to-date, detailed information to develop experienced baristas.

This class contains the following content:

  • Espresso preparation techniques – a skill building, fat-trimming session on developing great techniques for dosing, distributing and tamping.
  • Quality evaluation – using a standard dose, we will correlate the visual appearance of an espresso extraction with its taste result.
  • Extraction theory – what compounds are extracting, when and why?
    Brew parameter adjustments – dose and grind. How, when and why to adjust?
  • Espresso recipes – we measure dose weights, beverage weights and extraction time to make grind adjustments and achieve optimum taste results.
  • Milk steaming and pouring – a small, 45 minute introduction to these vital concepts.
  • Cleaning and maintenance – how and what to clean on your espresso machine and grinder to achieve consistent results.