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El Morito, Guatemala

This mixed variety lot comes from Finca El Morito. El Morito, situated in Mataquescuintla, Jalapa, Guatemala, is encircled by mountains and is home to an expanse variety of trees, flora, and fauna that thrives in nutrient-rich soils. Originally a family-owned operation, Jose Roberto Monterroso took the reins and acquired this estate in 1994, and alongside a skilled team, began cultivating different varieties like Bourbon, Pache, and Catuai. Over time, they realised that in order to truly elevate their coffee, real progress requires experimentation. That’s when they began introducing exotic and hybrid cultivars, as well as innovating upon their processing methods. Fast forward nearly three decades and Jose Roberto now reaps the rewards as a recognised, award-winning farmer, contributing to Guatemala’s position as a prominent producing nation in the specialty coffee industry, through his unwavering passion for his craft and readiness to push the boundaries.

This coffee is a classic washed gem that holds the right balance of acidity, sweetness, body, and impeccable clarity in the cup. El Morito’s altitude spans from 1400 to 2100 MASL, with the annual coffee harvest taking place from January to April. The highest point on the farm, at 2650 MASL is where the most humid microclimates can be found. Out of the 672 hectares that make up the estate, about 98 hectares are dedicated to coffee cultivation, while the rest serves as a conservation area and sanctuary for native vegetation and wildlife. This natural balance enriches the land for the coffee trees, inevitably presenting finer attributes in the end cup.

Jose Roberto is a well-known name in the Guatemala coffee industry. A true pioneer who is in a constant search for new and improved methods to incorporate on his 3 main farms: Montana Helada, Rio Dorado, and Finca El Morito. With his extensive experience and knowledge, he can pinpoint precisely where each variety and batch of his coffees come from. Since 2010, Jose has participated in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence auctions. While he consistently ranked in the Top 20 over the years, the ultimate goal of securing the first-place award was realised in 2022. His breakthrough Washed Geisha lot from El Morito earned first place and an astonishing 91.75 points.

‘I began participating since 2001 when CoE first started. After 2012, I obtained all ranks possible within the Top 10, some more than once except the first place. But we obtained it today. It took us 21 years.’ – Jose Roberto reflecting on his journey, right after the 2022 auction closed.

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