El Burro Geisha, Panama

El Burro Geisha, Panama

The layered complexity of the Geisha varietal profile paired with the concentration of natural processing – welcome to this micro lot from the El Burro farm. This coffee reveals more and more on each sip.

These lands have been tilled, planted and tended by the Lamastus family for over 50 years. This history and the knowledge gained over those years is evident as you walk through the farm.

Wilford and his family have brought to life, arguably the epitome of what we desire in specialty coffee through a passionate dedication and precision.

Note: The Lamastus collection is available as whole bean and filter roast only. Anything else would be a crime!



Rich Black Tea and Baker's Chocolate, with ripe Mango notes and hints of Jasmine


Country Panama
Producer Wilford Lamastus
Altitude 1750 masl
Processing Natural
Drying Sun Dried