UnCommon Coffee
UnCommon Coffee

Drip Bags - Santuario Project Ixhuatlán, Mexico (6 pcs)

The Ixhuatlán centre works with small producers from Veracruz to identify and produce only the most exceptional lots, under the watchful eye of expert managers. These lots are processed using the natural roll or 'Taco' process, where after initial aerobic fermentation, cherries are rolled up inside a tarp—like a 'Taco'—that creates a controlled, semi anaerobic environment, a process refined by Ixhuatlán del café, the processing centre of the Santuario Project Mexico. 

It is a fully integrated facility, with wet and dry mills, greenhouses and drying areas, coee garden, laboratory and a warehouse all dedicated to achieving quality excellence. 

This unique process delivers a creamy and moreish profile of orange, nougat, mango & orange blossom.

Brew Guides

We've put together our go-to guides for the most popular brewing methods, these are by no means set in stone, nor can we promise a perfect result each and every time. What we can do however is provide you with a great foundation for a good brew, and allow for a bit of wiggle room and your own experimentation.