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Drip Bags- Mae Chedi Anaerobic Natural, Thailand (6 pcs)


Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Passionfruit, Raspberry


Mae Chedi, Chiang Rai


Mae Chedi Co-op, Beanspire


Anaerobic Natural


1250 MASL


Chiang Mai

We're thrilled to bring some exciting Thai coffees back to the coffee lineup this year. The coffee community's positive reception of our previously released micro-lots with the same partners at Beanspire reinforced our desire to continue supporting the growth of Asian specialty coffee.

This coffee is the product of a collaboration between a cooperative and Beanspire in the Mae Chedi district of Chiang Rai. Mae Chedi is an established tea region with coffee being a minor - but still financially contributing - crop to grow. In the '70s, opium production was prevalent in Thailand and coffee was introduced in 1977 to be a promising transformation towards good farming and sustainable livelihoods. The cooperative takes from tea fermentation practices and applies them in coffee processing, alongside many other experimental methods to push the boundaries for their coffee. This coffee represents one of the best natural processed coffees that has come out of Thailand this season.

The coffee variety Chiang Mai (sharing the name as the Thai city) is a hybrid unique to the region. It is a variant of Catimor made from the crossover of SL28, Caturra, and the Timor hybrid. It's a highly resistant variety developed during the late Thai King's era to eradicate opium plantations and introduce sturdy, high-yielding coffee crops to take the place of the farming land.

The coffee is anaerobically fermented in non-porous, sealed bags for 9 days before drying on raised beds. This near-zero oxygen environment introduces lactic acid development to the coffee's fermentation. This result from anaerobic fermentation is best known for giving more body, sweetness, complexity, and even a wine-like quality to the coffee. Although anaerobic fermentation is a contemporary buzzword in the specialty coffee world, the method here is an old tea processing tradition passed down generations in the region. We find it created saturated berry notes that we liken to a cooked raspberry reduction, with a ripe sweetness and medley of tropical fruit aromatics.