Decaf Popayan, Colombia

Decaf Popayan, Colombia

Our Decaf Coffee supply from our producing partners in Colombia is processed in Descafecol, a state-of-the-art decaffeination facility in the Andean region that has a rich source of natural water runoff from Nevado del Ruiz volcano. They use an organic compound found as a byproduct of sugar cane processing, called Ethyl Acetate which is used to extract caffeine through a soaking process.
Despite its name, Ethyl Acetate is a natural and organic chemical compound found in many different parts of the botanical world, with a single banana containing around 20 times the amount of the substance than our decaffeinated coffee after processing. Also worthwhile noting is, due to the volatility of Ethyl Acetate, it evaporates quickly during the roasting process leaving no trace at all. The process removes 97% of caffeine from our Decaf Coffee, whilst maintaining excellent natural flavour characteristics and keeping it similar to the fully-caffeinated variant of the origin.
We prefer this method over some of the other, more widely known decaffeination processes, because we believe it doesn't only yield a superior sensory result for us, but it significantly cuts down on the environmental impact of sending our coffee to Switzerland (Swiss Water Process) or to Mexico (Mountain Water Process) for processing.
We exclusively roast 100% Arabica, Specialty-Grade coffee, so that holds true for our Decaf, and the rest of our Single Origins and Blends.


Soft Lime & Dried Fruit Flavours with a Sweet Lingering Aftertaste


Country Colombia
Region Popayan
Altitude 1700 MASL
Variety Caturra, Castillo
Processing Washed