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common man coffee roasters sol cups five colours
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CMCR Sol Cups

We have teamed up with the Aussie brand Sol Cups to bring you a beautiful hand blown glass coffee cup for the optimistic drinker and half full thinker.

These cups are all about ending waste and embracing taste. They are designed using natural materials that keep the heat in and the nasties out. The glass contains a high percentage of borosilicate making it strong, lightweight and 100% chemical free; not to mention they are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Your Sol cup is not only sustainable and eco friendly it also comes in five colours so you can match it to your style. All cups are 8oz in size - perfect for your CMCR take away brew.

What's included:

  • Sol Cup, silicone lid and sleeve
  • Your first coffee from CMCR, CM Stan, Grounded by CMCR or 40 Hands free
  • 10% off all future coffee purchases when you use your cup at any of the above outlets