Cascara Geisha Natural, Colombia
Cascara Geisha Natural, Colombia


Cascara Geisha Natural, Colombia

Cascara means “husk” in Spanish, but the roots of this beverage go back centuries in Ethiopia where it is called “Qishr”.

Coffee is a fleshy cherry-like fruit that grows in tropical countries. The coffee beans that we know are the roasted seeds from these cherries. In order to obtain the seeds, the fleshy part of the fruit must be removed. When the coffee is processed with care, that fruity part can be dried and then brewed as a tea. This produces a very sweet and fruity beverage that contains caffeine and is rich in anti-oxidants: this is the perfect natural energy drink.

This cascara is made out of hand-sorted and carefully dried cherries. After experimenting with different ways of producing cascara, our processing and exporting partners at Cofinet came to the conclusion that the most balanced flavour of cascara tea is achieved when using cascara from a natural processed coffee. For this cascara natural process, cherries were exposed to temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius and dried on raised beds for 15 days.

Cofinet takes special care when processing cascara because, like coffee beans, any changes in fermentation or drying will change the flavour profile of the final product. Better flavours are achieved when cascaras are dried with the coffee seeds inside. When cupping the various trials during the experimental phase at the Cofinet QC lab, this specific process proven greater complexity overall.

The cascaras of this controlled method of fermentation create more fruity flavours. A greater intensity and quality in the body and more delicate, juicy acidities. As well as a sweeter, lingering aftertaste.
We really enjoy our brewed cascara to this recipe: 
  1. 10GM of Cascara
  2. 200ML of fresh-off-the-boil water
  3. Steeped for 4 minutes


Plum, Apricot, Peach, Pear and Hawthorn Sweet


Region Circasia, Quindio
Producer Jairo Arcila
Farm Finca Castellon
Altitude 1550 - 2000 MASL
Varietal Geisha