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Pour-over Brewing with Loveramics Drippers


This course offers insights into a very unique set of brewers and should pique the interest of avid home baristas looking to take their coffee game further. The Loveramics Coffee Drippers, unlike any other, are designed with 3 distinct embossments that influence flow rate and the style of extraction. This workshop will introduce you to filter coffee and feature brewing techniques that highlight the characteristics of each dripper. You can expect a deeper understanding of each dripper and take home some simple yet effective recipes for an even more perfect brew.  

The class contains the following content:

  • Introduction to Filter Coffee – detailing the differences between Pour-over and Immersion brews
  • Brewing Techniques – pairing right coffee and grind profiles to a pouring technique when building a brewing recipe
  • Quality Evaluation Training – understanding extraction theory and fine-tuning brewing parameters based on visual cues and sensory evaluation


Attendees will understand the theory and practical aspects of pour-over coffee and will be able to brew a coffee to an industry-standard on each of the Loveramics Coffee Drippers.


2 hours




Blk 52 Chin Swee Road, #03-71, S160052

Class Size

1 to 4 pax

Cost Per Person