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Aricha, Ethiopia


Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Lime, Bergamot


Gedyo, Yirgacheffe


Small Holders


1850 - 2200 MASL





Veteran coffee drinkers would fondly recall the name, ‘Misty Valley’, out in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Misty Valley’s mills and growers shaped how the early wave of specialty coffee drinkers and cafes recognised the breadth of opportunity for impeccable Ethiopian coffees. When the ECX (Ethiopia Commodity Exchange) was established in 2008, independent coffee exporters were effectively forbidden to trade independently, and so Misty Valley was sold and renamed Aricha, after the administrative division. While ownership may have undergone a change of hands over the years, the history of great coffee remains.

Since the ECX reform of the coffee trade policies in 2017, the familiar and now independent, smaller-scale farmer groups and mills are reconnecting with coffee companies around the world through direct exporter and importer relationships once again. Aricha is home to wonderful microclimates, sought-after indigenous varietals, and knowledgeable producers, a convergence of opportunity that has established the Aricha reputation for producing floral, citrusy, wonderfully structured coffees. Especially when harvested and processed with care, Aricha was one of those coffees that introduced a widespread perspective shift for what coffee could taste like.

The Gedyo (or Gedeo) region is distinguished for producing premium micro-lots, and this Aricha coffee represents a larger, combined lot of several smallholders executed to the same quality degree. Produced by members of the Wachoatu village and processed at one of the Gizaw stations owned by husband and wife, Gizaw Alemayehu and Frehiwot Mekonnen. Ethiopian coffees are evaluated by local adjudicators, and this Aricha coffee is classified as a Grade 1 which is the highest ranking, meaning it's been harvested and processed with outstanding care to produce the finest expression of flavours in the cup.