2017 Singapore AeroPress Championships

Dust off your scales, your electric kettle, your favourite hand-grinder and stretch those pressing muscles out - it's Singapore AeroPress Championship time!

This year, we're proud to be bringing the competition to the Singapore Coffee Festival, where we'll be taking the stage on the Sunset Wharf at 6pm on Friday the 4th of August!

The winner on the night will not only be crowned the best brewer in the country, but will also be flown to Seoul, South Korea, to represent Singapore in the World AeroPress Championship in early November!



This year's Singapore AeroPress Championships will see 3 rounds of competition - Heats, Semi-Finals and Finals.


  • 36 competitors will participate in Heats, with the order of competition revealed on the night.
  • A panel of 3 Judges, plus the Head Judge, will be presiding over the night.
  • 4 competitors will battle it out during each heat, with the winning brew chosen by the judges.
  • In the event that all 3 Judges each choose a different sample, the Head Judge will be called upon to select his/her winner from the 3 samples selected by the other judges, excluding the sample not previously chosen.
  • The winning 9 competitors from the Heats will advance into the Semi-Finals.


    • 3 competitors will compete in the Semi-Finals, with the winner chose by the judging panel.
    • In the event that all 3 Judges each choose a different sample, the Head Judge will be called upon to select his/her winner.
    • The winning 3 competitors will advance from the Semi-Finals into the Finals where it will be winner takes all!


    • The 3 best brewers on the night will battle it out for the top spot.
    • The winner will be named Singapore AeroPress Champion and will be heading to Seoul to represent the country at the World AeroPress Championships.
    • There will also be Second and Third place prizes awarded on the night.


    • The brewer used must be a genuine Aerobie AeroPress.
    • Any modifications to a brewer need to be authorised by the Hosts prior to the competition.
    • Ground coffee and water are the only ingredients allowed.
    • Any type of filter is allowed - This includes paper, metal, cloth, and all other types of filter.
    • Only the specified Competition Coffee, provided on the night, may be used.
    • Competitors must present a minimum of 200ml of coffee, in the vessel provided.
    • Coffees not presented within the time limit of 8 minutes will not be evaluated.
    • Failure to comply with any of the above may result in disqualification. 


    • Marco PB10 Boiler 
    • Marco Uber Grinder
    • Mahlkonig EK43 (Regular Burrs)
    • Bonavita Powered Kettle
    • Bombora Powered Kettle
    • Hario Buono Drip Kettle
    • Acaia Pearl Scales
    NOTE: Competitors are free to bring their own grinder, kettle, scales and other related accessories.