Umoja Peaberry, Tanzania

Umoja Peaberry, Tanzania

Amongst the rolling hills of the Songwe region of Tanzania, a partnership between the Mkulima Kwanza coop and Keremba and Mkunde’s Communal Shamba processing center is making waves. In just its fourth year of operation, this co-lab has lifted the coops’ coffee out of commodity, supported a regional health clinic and seen a 30x increase in specialty export – including this lot. 
The peaberry is a natural phenomenon when a single small coffee bean matures within the coffee cherry, as opposed to two coffee beans inside. This organic mutation results in uniquely sweet and complex flavours, characterised as a richer representation of its standard-sized counterparts. These peaberries were meticulously separated from the main lot of 'Umoja', resulting in a limited selection of amplified qualities we adore in this coffee. 


Blackberry, Plum and Fuji Apple Soda


Region Songwe
Producer Communal Shamba & Mkulima Kwanza
Altitude 1700 MASL
Variety Bourbon, Kent