Tade GG, Ethiopia
Tade GG, Ethiopia

Tade GG, Ethiopia

Tesfaye Bekele is the person to thank for this beautiful cup, growing this coffee on his farm in the region of Shakisso, Oromia.
The landscape if characterised by sharp rugged hills, ridges, plateaus, valleys and flats creating a stunningly dramatic setting. The region's volcanic soil is bursting with nutrients, creating a deep red top-layer which, along with its high altitude and dry weather, allow for the cherries to develop very slowly, creating great complexity and depth of flavour.
At the farm's washing station, the coffee is pulped and, depending on the climate, the coffee beans are then fermented for 35-48 hours in fermentation tanks before being washed and dried in parchment for 9-15 days on elevated drying beds.


Guava, Tropical Fruits, Creamy Texture & a sticky lingering Mouthfeel. 


Country Ethiopia
Region Guji
Producer Tade GG Estate
Altitude 1860 - 1950 masl
Variety Mixed Heirloom Varieties