UnCommon Coffee
UnCommon Coffee

Nkonge, Burundi

This Nkonge micro-lot from Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP) is no stranger to our lineup; this coffee remains a cherished selection since day one. Although in close proximity, each hill in Kayanza has a unique microclimate and terroir, giving the coffee that farmers produce from those hills its own flavour character. In the case of Nkonge, the coffee consistently presents us with cooked fruit and stonefruit qualities, a pleasant standout from neighboring hills. What makes this lot special is that it's one of LMCP’s first ventures into natural processing in the early days of their operations.

Nkonge hill has a lower farmer population in Kayanza, and on foot, it’s a quiet walk along lush fields of banana trees and tea plantations with segments of coffee trees.  With the tragedies of the recent civil war, families on Nkonge who fled the province returned to their land to find it had been divided or taken over by someone else. With the help of LMCP's Coffee Scouts, farmers are now rejuvenating their farms. 

The Scouts contribute greatly to farmers' knowledge, and it's their vision to help them source and expand their land, as well as motivate younger generations to take an interest in coffee.

In 2014, Ben and Kristy Carlson, the founders of LMCP, established their largest washing station in Burundi. Their initiative aimed to empower local communities and uplift one of the world’s poorest countries through the production and export of specialty coffee, embodying a holistic, grassroots, community-driven approach. Named Heza, which translates to "beautiful" in Kirundi, the local dialect, it stands as their most significant and ambitious processing station.

LMCP's success in identifying landscapes with potential and investing in farmer livelihoods has led to the annual production of some of the country's best coffees.  They organize farmers by hills; each hill can have a few thousand coffee trees and hundreds of registered producing partners who receive competitive prices and extensive farm-level training, in addition to regular support for their crops.

LMCP’s commitment to progress is evident in their processing, introducing the country’s first-ever honey-processed coffees alongside varied naturals and washed styles. Despite the challenges posed by the vast hilly landscape and dispersed farmers, LMCP's meticulous approach ensures the coordination of thousands of farmers and processing staff, resulting in the production of unique and high-quality coffees. The combination of education, fair prices, and sustainable practices has rekindled many farmers' faith in coffee as a long-term livelihood, contributing to economic and social change in Burundi.

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