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Drip Bags - Finagro AA, Tanzania (6 Pcs)

This coffee lot is from Finagro Estate, meticulously produced by the team at Edelweiss Coffee Estate in Tanzania. It features a special composite variety known as Batian, with genetic strains from various parent plants, including SL28, SL34, Sudan Rume, N39, K7, SL4, and a Timor Hybrid. The creation of Batian is a development from Ruiru 11, a disease-resistant hybrid popular in Kenya. Often Batian is mixed with other varieties, but this single variety lot stands on its own to showcase this coffee’s flavour potential.

Finagro Estate, a 600-hectare coffee plantation in Tanzania's Karatu district, technically comprises two conjoined farms—Ascona and Helgoland. Owned and managed by siblings Neel and Kavita Vohora, multi-generation coffee growers, and agricultural entrepreneurs, the estate is situated along the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979.

Driven by love for the land and community, the siblings manage the stunning landscape for future generations, coexisting with local wildlife. The coffee undergoes a one-day fermentation in black, non-permeable plastic bags, followed by pulping and 48 hours of dry fermentation in open tiled tanks, reaching a pH of 4.1. After washing, it is shade-dried for 3 days, followed by intermittent sun and shade drying for 7-10 days until it reaches 11% moisture content. Subsequently, the coffee is moved to conditioning bins for stabilization before being bagged in hermetic storage. This is an unconventional approach for Tanzanian coffee, including an initial anaerobic pre-fermentation stage, allowing for a slightly different expression of terroir.

Tanzania's commercial coffee production began under colonial European influence in the late 1800s, with the British encouraging large-scale productivity in the 1920s.

Edelweiss Farm and the two farms comprising Finagro were transferred to B.N. Vohora, an Indian farm manager, who later bought the farm at an auction. Today, Ajai, his son, runs the family business from Nairobi, while Neel and Kavita manage day-to-day operations in Tanzania.

As third-generation Tanzanians, Neel and Kavita bring over 60 years of family experience to the Tanzanian coffee business. Finagro Estate is situated in a coffee paradise concerning terroir and natural diversity. With a focus on quality, the estate cultivates mainly Kent along with newly maturing SL28s and SL34s, alongside other Kenyan cultivars. The family's dedication to their special corner of the planet is evident in their sustainable practices, including natural forest preservation, reservoirs, and a dam for efficient irrigation and water conservation.

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